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b o r l a s c a

summer 2017 i spent a lengthy amount of time in europe between three different trips. the first 1/3 was with family through italy. we started in the village of borlasca where a family friend has their roots. its a small and linear rural village south of Milan and north of Genoa.

elements of the sangiacomo home. if i recall correctly the grandfather returned to italy and bought his family home and the neighboring plot and rebuilt what appears to be a 70's rennaissance inspired castle.

big guy.

aperol or dayquil?

summer of thrifted flowy shirts.



still plenty of farm elements in this village.

this one had some off-the-grid elements.

the dead.

unsure who captured my mullet.

there's always a church.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e