in the summer of 2017, i got the chance to be part of a scandesign funded landscape architecture studio course. it included a 3 week tour mostly through copenhagen to mainly study their stormwater infrastructure projects (bioswales and other fun stuff) along with some architecture, bicycle infratructure, and cultural musings. one of the days, we got sheperded around on bicycle by Lars Gemzøe, an influential dane in the world of walkable and bikeable city literature and planning - and colleague of jan gehl. i got more photos that needed to be scanned. i'll get around to those eventually. below are snippets of the trip in no particular order (7.31.23)

we toured a series of informal seasonal cottage communities withing cph. if i can remeber these originated from fisherman making shacks to overnight in when coming home too late from a long day on the water. overtime, families made them more elaborate. this is the gezmoe family cottage.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e