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kelly goes to med school

the morning of kelly's incoming class ceremony. i had to irony her coat.

mcw. she's a midwesterner for now.

attempts at recreating the photo of our dad graduating from med school with his white coat.

no one told her to have awkward arms like that.

as close as we are going to get haha.

probably shit talking.


view from the beergarden in kelly's neighborhood. some master planning yearning for an older time in a newly built town center.

blakley convinced us to checkout the state fair.

her feeling v at home.

super cock.

the prized goat.

kelly's reation to the lil piggy race.

the people love it.

didn't leave empty handed.

3rd ward. respite in a sea of parking.

congrats kelly. he would be stoked.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e