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mac at kexp

my boi mike let me know mac was playing at kexp on a monday in may. lucky for me, i wasn't working mondays at the time. that morning i grabbed my camera and a roll of film and hopped on my bike to ride from madison park out to queen anne. i bought a coffee, snagged my spot on the floor, and started setting up my camera. I quickly realized i grabbed the one roll in the drawer that i already shot. bless you panda lab for being around the corner.

hecka warm up shenanigans. this is porbably my favrite shot from this day. might as well stop scrolling. im ending the website. this is the peak.

bass boi jon lent. hes on to me clicking away in the smoll crowd.

andy mon

beltin' it.


the end. i walked outside to the courtyard and bought tickets to their last show in town that night. thanks coming through guys.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e