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miscellaneous summer part 2

its summer time, and andys bringing the goods.

the reds.

watermelon beer is here.

will shows up.

will's posse.

i dunno how long after this d'andre sprinted and dove over the railing into the lake dousing my neighbor enjoying the sun.

tried to go hiking, ended up drinking. I only go to Leavenworth when Lee Ann is around.

found some mini golf.


milk. a controversial drink order.

summer of the dock.

the dive.

strong bois.

Jake gets a whip for dead baby. gotta shuv the battery back in on that pos.

a lil' pit stop en route to dead baby.

will living his tall bike dream.


h-e-double hockey sticks bb.

big mike wants more action.

fully padded. fully VIRILE.

fck wknd

hell yeah. summer hockey.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e