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n y c

it'd been too long since i'd been to nyc. thought it be good for will and me to pop in and say whatsup.

took the red eye in. landed at 6 am. will hated that shit, but stoked to be there.

great views from the cab.

meanderin' around the city. found this new park being built on the water.

it looks like teeth. teeth architecture.

i like this building.

some spro

smoking is necessary before entering the whitney according to brian.


more wild architecture.

met up with alexa to eat dumplings in chinatown.

one minute i was eating dumplings with my eyes open and beer in hand. Next minute i was coming to with brian, will, and elxa laughing at me for sleeping at the table. fuckin red eye flights.

alexa and i enjoying this exploded rat. i wish this photo was actually in focus.

go get back in the shower will.

wtf brian, are fuckin kiddin me. nasty fucker.

sleepy time.


for whatever reason i only shot photos on the first day. probably got busy skating and shootin the shit. oh well. it was a sick trip.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e