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shaina's wedding.

third wedding in about a year. its wild to see people you know from a young age start to make these life moves. congrats shaina.

blakely checkin out her dress.


regal home in northern california for a venue.


after the ceremony i went up with everyone else to get a drink while the wedding party took photos. i got summoned from this distance to bring wine.


me x wine.


loveable shitheads.

me shooting jannette

jannette shooting me.

i shouldn't be invited to wedding party tables.

it soon got dark and this disposable i picked up had a malfunctioning flash. it was rad seeing a bunch of people from college that i hadnt seen since then. wish the flash worked so i couldve gotten photos of them all. oh well.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e