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i took sometime off cycling after chilly hilly 2020. andy hit me up to go ride up to fremont for a beer and over to magnusson. i think after taking sometime off i felt this ride in my legs more than chilly hilly haha.

kaylie, andy, and i looped mercer a few days later. the beginning to weekly rides at the onset of the pandemic. some people on the island werent too stoked on it.

golden gardens came up next with columbia city homies.

what is cycling without beers from the corner store.

she biffed it before the cans were opened.

an aggressive setup. the start of the full lake washington loop.

first pee break.

i shouldve taken photos of our feast on the kirkland water front. guess i was too busy downing beers and eating. anyways katie in bellevue.

a poorly focused shot of ollie finishing the last of the wine in bellevue.

a poorly focused cockpit shot.

a family affair.



gittin it.

boeing renton.

pretty in pink.

apparently its hard to remember to focus your shot while riding and taking photos with a glorified disposable camera.

managed to focus will's ass tho.


homebase. i think this tied my longest ride at the time at just over 40 mi. it was quickly shattered.

post ride home after celebratory beers. shit was all up hill.

the seattle -> covington -> maple valley -> poo poo point -> issaquah -> mercer island -> seattle loop. 70 mi. will fueled by sweet potato. he brought a fuckin sweet potato in foil and bit into like an apple. freak mode.

will offered up potato chomps to the group. katie stuck with her cookie. good call katie.

kelly feels smug post pee. will continues to work on his potato.

katie finds flowers at the base of poo poo point.


tacos were the best call. fuck those were good. katie justifiably elated.

will gets comfy. we still had plenty of ride left. cruised through the 90 route back through and around mercer. then into columbia city. 70 mi day. probably drank beer at the house after. tony wasn't invited.

this ride we cruised west then south. ampersand coffee is t i t e.

will promises the helmet isn't too small. thats how its supposed to fit. kelly catches me taking photos.

will finds some dirt jumps just south of my old jurisdiction, tukwila.

yes, beer from a gas station. sitting in the grass by the dent in kent. i didnt find out till later that i was enjoying a park behind a jail.

in the midst of making fuck'd snack concotions. this one looks a the finger of witch thats glammed up.

blursed oreo.

last beer.

probably the first decently focused mini diana photo in a bit. nice work kelly.

the final push through airport way. for such a flat road, this felt was brutal.

use them clips!

Lee Ann weaving through ped traffic in sculpture park.

yeah i finally realized i should pay attention to the freaking focus by the end of summer.

big suprise. rode bikes to a brewery.

i think i was in the midst of giving lee ann shit for trying to order chicken tenders. on her own birthday. im an ass.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e