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W A 2 C A

Will and i road tripped it back to san francisco. it'd be 2 years since i've been home. we were planning to do a skate trip down the coast, but we got rained out. we booked it to sf.

all packed by 3 pm.

4 hours later, loading up a storage unit, destressing (sort of), and half a salami sandwhich and will is ready to go.

lets git it!

made it literally down the street and will blew his tire lmao.

dave eyein his in n out.

as close as we'd get to CA that night.



still yet to see how this will work for a timelapse.

ashland. it was wild to see some of the summer's wildfire damage just outside of town. not pictured.


next stop sf. forgot what little shits ca drivers are.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e