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m i s c s u m m e r 2 1

a bunch of photos from summer 21.

will returns after a 6 month seattle hiatus. wish i had more photos of him living in my closet through may.

take the easy stuff off first.


go team!

the glove lmao.

rip davis's chain.

show some respect and take a knee for chain.

right back at it.

bottom bracket.

squad handlin the spectating.

hockey is 99% skateboards and beer.

i think this is somehow my only photo from that day everyone and their mom went to stevens. oh well.

all brakes no gas.

we call that a will pour these days.

beacon's favorite sons.

I showed up and d'andre told me to take a sip of his shot, so like a homie i sipped it. he gave me shit for takin a lil sip so i stared his ass down and finished his shot. he wasn't happy about that either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

who knows what the fuck was being explained.

last known photo of this tote.

don't pee next to me. it'll end up on the internet.

"keep your, cool act like we got these seats."

summer mike.

hands full of courts.

couple good lookin chins

will tailslidin'.

missed brians slappy

"passport trip". really to skate and hang out at tamari bar. i'll say whatsup to patrick for you brian..

when you run out of color film for a wild flower trip at rainier...

go team!

an ollie into the abyss.

footy check.

every so often someone takes my camera and seeks revenge by giving me the jarring candid flash treatment. nice try will. leave it to the professionals.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e