1. camping on the oregon coast.

2. skatin' around georgetown with kristin and the sf homies.

3. elliot and quinnland visit.

4. lucy and the battle on the block ramp.

5. wainestock!

eatin camp hot dawgs watchin this old dude ride his diy go kart around camp. pretty tight.

"brian jonestown massacres a beer."

a hot hot seattle summer.

elliot, quinn, and tuesdays travelled up north for ween. had to take em to the lake and ft st george.

i dont think anyone is more stoked than d'andre for battle on the block.

will ridin around the ramp after dark. the ramp didnt show up, but the photo looks pretty sick.

before this i had seen lucy a few times around rippin on skates (even the friggin green lake pool, wtf!), but never met her. i went down to skate the battle on the block ramp the next morning and she was there seshin it. she kindly let me take some photos, stoked on how they came out. thanks lucy!

aidan rippin around too!

mike came to play too.

wainestock baby!

i played a prank on will for about a half hour where i would throw blueberries at his head in the dark. he thought they were bugs and no one in our little group caught me doing it. it was terribly cruel, but i thought it was the funniest thing. i think this is the moment finally realized it was me.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e