1. goodbyes to ray as he moves to nyc. he grilled up some half cooked meats for all his homies.

2. camping on the coast. lured our eric and the bois attempted to surf.

3. met up with cole and neil in bend for camp and skate trip (skate camp?).

4. mexico for the duffy squared 30th birthday.

grey hoodies are clearly a skate staple.

they are holding strong, but that shit was icey

lessons in chopping wood.

always go camping with jt, he cooks like a maniac. he kept pulling steaks out of his cooler like it was a magicians hat. not to mention he cooks em real proper - no matter the kitchen.

they missed the waves lmao.

making friends with the locals at the lake.

no better way to cool off after skating than an apline lake.

a dollar for a beer. i should never left. with this red hair, that dollar had to be the gringo price too...

fierce competition out there.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e