a group of us went from hyak to lake easton on the iron horse trail (john wayne pioneer trail) on a hot summer overnighter. good friends, crushed gravel trails, hot sun, booze, and icey lakes.

we all drove out to the parking lot at the hyak sno-park. we unloaded. set ourselves up when sammy realized the wind stole her front skewer on the way up. while her and tommy ran down to north bend, the rest of us started tailgating. got a bit of a show with our beers as the blue angels practiced overhead.

we had the doggies in a lil trailer. dave wasnt havin it and demanded to run.

sammy cruisin

relubing on the bridge to stay smooth.

thom takin the bridgestone and miller for a spin.

rolled up to the campsite with no res and the area full. by dumb luck a family with multiple sites had some folks go home early and let us take over. our bikes lured in some fellow campers. this fella was camping with his bike and riding around the area.

cold plunge into lake easton to clean up after a dusty day on the road. the lake was so clear i was able to recover my lost glasses on the bottom of the lake after accidentally jumping in with them.

this german mad lad joined us for dinner and beers. he was bicycle touring from seattle to toronto (if i recall correctly) where he was going to meet up with his lady. he wasnt sure what the best route was to ride from seattle to this campsite, so he rode on the shoulder of the 5. crazy bastard earned his beers.

thom cacoonning in his hammock for the night. inspired my sleeping set up on my next overnighter (see olympic bridges page).

woke up, ate some brekky, and partied at the lake for a couple hours before heading back. it was a glorious scorcher of a day.

we eventually got on our bikes

but we took more breaks.

we got to our cars, packed up, and went to issaquah for some heinous sized burgers. tommy had a lil too much beer and sun and was out at the table. cowboy down.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e