12.30.2020 im workin on it. more throwaway comin. full thing someday?

12.27.2020 "i always get towed in the middle of the night"

12.9.2020 "i've broken like four boards this week!"

12.5.2020 a message from will.

12.4.20 just another day

12.2.2020 suprise sf guests!

11.16.2020 thanks for the pin brian.

11.15.2020 first stair set i ever ollied. i don't know how brian made this spot a bump to bar and skated away from it. that was wild.

11.13.2020 will simons: too stressed to leave, too stressed to stay.

11.12.2020 final woodworking class. we got it done at the buzzer. see ya next time stan.

11.10.2020 caught up with b-squish and watched his 2012 breakout part.

11.2.2020 weekend at airbnb ramp. pretty fuckin t i t e. peak might've been mike meeting his doppelgänger @east.bumfucc. raymie thomas also did the dopest kickflip.

10.30.2020 dave fucks with pizza.

10.28.2020 who's gonna be louie barletta for halloween?

10.25.2020 was a tite weekend till we found out the fucking airbnb had bed bugs.

10.21.2020 i swear to fucking god covid is make me get lasik.

10.20.2020 bois in hoodies.

10.19.2020 it's c5 season already. mike gets in sicko mode.

10.18.2020 welcome to my shitty internet cafe.

10.17.2020 click this photo.

10.17.2020 tree huggers.

10.15.2020 cue twin peaks theme song. also managed to cut my finger on the edge of my table leg.

10.14.2020 cathartic.

10.10.2020 the last 9 months in a bag. off to the lab.

10.08.2020 i got the twin peaks theme running in my head the whole three hours im in here.

10.06.2020 the trouble of gettin your homie a room at your coworkers haus.

10.07.2020 from the weekend. lay off the cookies will.

10.04.2020 Biked 40 mi on Camano. Found this tight haus.

10.03.2020 the bois show up for mikes favorite pad.

10.02.2020 proper grip.

10.01.2020 Been in the PNW for 5 years and I'm finally gettin aroun to doing a woodworking class. Kaylie is goin in on shaving some wood.

09.30.2020 street andy!

09.30.2020 dry subs aren't the biz big mike.

09.29.2020 first post in here. its fall bb!

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e