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12.22.2021 this ollie is gold.

12.12.21 im fuckin eatin this content up. god damn steve is killin it. like a cooped up house cat headin out to the wetlands for a sport hunt. thrills.

12.7.21 the trajectory of this video is, "fucking hipsters" to "shit ca wildfires are gnarly - sick adaptive housing".

12.3.21 for fucks sake its already december.

10.14.2021 it only took like 3 years to get the homies to do it... portland bike/train filming trip is a go!

10.08.2021 pee pee man.

10.05.2021 heralded as andy's favorite picture of himself

09.26.2021 s trawberrie s.

09.16.2021 3 adults playing in freeway park.

09.15.2021 happy birthday ya friggin dingus.

09.09.2021 I always wish there was more pearl footage to feast upon.

09.08.2021 PSA - this chicken sando was complete ass. ask will.

09.07.21 random pics from my phone while in iceland. gotta go get the film processed for the real goodies.

08.18.2021 thanks 4 the tunes thom.

08.17.2021 this is so sick lmao.

08.16.2021 drawing dave more often makes me realize how rat like my boi is.

PAVING SPACE from Carhartt Work In Progress on Vimeo.

08.01.2021 saw these at sculpture park and was reminded of this carhartt wip video. all i wanna do now is make a low budget version of this for the courts.

07.28.21 bike packing last weekend. First time doing it. Ate a bunch of shit on the trail, but it was dope. Had a malfunctioning film camera. next time ill get some shots that arent on my destroyed phone.

07.25.2021 brian (big boi) makes a surprise visit. thanks for having an expired passport.

07.05.2021 we're shippin off friday. last time cole and i did this we almost camped next to the freeway, took some creek, baths, and found the sickest park in bc. oh and we invented the car sauna.

07.02.2021 things that got me stoked on a friday. 1. pink taco footage. bonus points for it being frog footy. 2. my boi brian making an album. 3. this random blindfold ollie by dill i stumbled upon.

06.28.2021 its hot as hell out here wtf.

06.20.2021 haven't lived in the sf bay area for 10 years, but i still keep a piece under my feet. thanks mike

06.06.2021 a few randoms from the sketchbook.

06.02.21 longtime, no post = super update. kitchen done, moved in. bridgestone complete, rode that shit. will back up in seattle and sleeping in my closet for now. party time.

03.29.2021 found these beautiful fluted sugino cranks in the bin at recycled cycles. probably will end up building a bike around them. god damn it.

03.24.2021 another year, another trimming of the fat.

03.10.2021 getting the final pieces together...

02.23.2021 "Be yourself" - Ed Mirman.

02.22.2021 a second test.

02.20.2021 i call this random placement "homies".

02.19.2021 dang this was a sick one tommy!.

02.17.2021 another bike project.

02.15.2021 while seattle got dumped on, kaylie and i were out at snowbeach.

02.08.2021 a test.

02.06.2021 don't forget yo doo doo bags like me.

02.04.2021 dang thanks mike.

01.29.2021 imports.

01.22.2021 just so we are on the same page.

01.21.2021 gifts for your eyes from andrew.

01.16.2021 out in kingston.

01.15.2021 will in lowcard with photo by pettigrew. he'd like it to be known that it should be called a dump truck "cuz its not off of a curb or anything". whatever it is, i watched will go full psycho mode and do it down the 8 shortly after. wtf.

01.14.2021 the search for the perfect beanie is never ending and all consuming.

01.11.2021 i feel like some sort of frickin QS rip of with 2 days of video links. whatever these vids are sick. we got henry's "ultra sd", brian tran's wabi sabi, and fuck it og bfox got ahold of vx1000 out in nyc and made "blurry". being in pioneer square watchin mike's nosegrind pop out live was fucked. so hyped he got that! ca is clearly treatin will well. on a terror with gettin klips.

1.10.2021 three pretty heavy seattle skate videos dropping relatively all at the same time. thats pretty dope. big willy, i still cant believe my tape busted on that front shuv. wtf... thanks to alex for still catchin it!

01.07.2021 big tree falls hard.

01.05.2021 stay pumped.

01.04.2021 mike updating some world graphics for the new year.

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