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12.21.22 mike moved to nyc, and i have to be ok with that!!!.

11.09.22 i bought a new bike and began buying some components for it. of course this turned into overhauling my bridgestone rbt as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

going back to drops on this ride. took these from the fixie. removing my wine cork ends properly.

i had a left over technomic i was going to use that i bought on a whim during the pandemic. decided it was too long (120 mm?). decided to try something real short. 70 mm technomic was ordered.

picked up some new old dia-compe brake levers from 2020 cycles that just looked better to me. had to remove the old nasty gum hoods.

with the help of will, gathered my pieces and got my ass over to bikeworks to get a lil help from the cowboi.

with the new bike i bought, i picked up two new wheelsets with dynamo hubs ona whim. didnt think to much about fitting the bridgestone. had to do some stretchin'. expand the bike butthole.

new old beautiful super maxy cranks replacing the shimano's. will was horrified by the 52 tooth chainring. i gotta sprint to work will!!

getting the brake levers set on right.

new gum hoods installed.

gettin the brakes cabled up with tommy takin over.

tommy gettin the rear shifters set.

lookin like a bike!

going with some grey newbaums. thought i would tried to give it a little more cushion with some wool felt. it failed. double sided tape wasnt stickin well enough and it was all loose. just went with the newbaum wrap.

its wet out here. shellacin' this bar tape. much messier process than i anticipated.luckily no one uses the backyard in the winter and didnt witness me makin a big old mess.

new lil pedal wrench keepin me lubed up. got the pedals on.

3 layers of shellac. lookin slick.

in its latest form. drop bar commuter.

still gotta recreate this photo.

next project: the 2007(?) atlantis.

11.09.22 stayin active. stayin healthy. keeping in tune with my inner shithead.

10.30.2022 unsolicated graphic. its rainy.

10.27.2022 just messin.

10.24.22 fall is comin in quick. nice and soggy out here now. how about a quick return to warmer days by the lake. banana challenge back in july.

10.22.22 - nyc 2022. seeing folks and family that too much time had past since we had last linked up. skating, cycling, eating as usual. nyc bikes are like mangy outdoor cats. big ol thanks to brian and ryan for letting us stay!

9.27.22 quick trip to portland for the polar premier. half didnt think it happen. definitely didnt think it'd happen on train and bikes. but it friggin did, thank friggin gawd. 6:45 am departure to the train station.

got alex's bike ready just 7 hours prior. nothing a lil grease couldnt solve.

drew missed the train, thom made it on. both hungover and asleep at the time of this photo.

always forget the beauty of this station.

thom recovering in the cacoon.

knew this rack would come in handy.

at the paymaster. forgot how great this spot is. glad the bois found the vending machine.

the climb to tabor.

the reward.

found quinn!!

*chefs kiss*

thanks for letting us shitheads stay at your spot big doggies! much appreciated.

09.09.22 stayin active. stayin healthy. keeping in tune with my inner shithead.

08.10.2022 a lil taste of the squamish trip last month. sure was delicious.

08.02.2022 tests and drafts for my friend and foe valley joe.

07.06.22 just slobberin over rivendell bikes.

06.28.2022 its been two months of runnin around non stop. filmin, camping, skating, eating, celebrating. gotta slow down and enjoy the sun around seattle. see ya out there.

04.26.2022 randoms from my sketchbook

03.21.2022 "City Demolition Industry, Inc." by Arata Isozaki.Something different from an architecture book.I like that.

03.17.2022 woof.

3.12.22 this video will get done. some day.

3.6.22 a good day riding with my doggies.

3.4.22 hope your friday is as chill as will's.

3.3.22 i rarely want to skate transition, but this sparks the hype.

2.28.22 its cold outside. its wet outside. im watching people make soup.

2.25.22 hope your friday is as chill as will's.


2.16.22 a couple years ago josh filled out my thesis survey at 35th.

2.15.22 while bringing up photos of the day i adopted dave, i came across this beautiful kickflip from clark hassler. if you haven't seen it, or dave as a puppy, your welome.

2.2.22 tryna bike more. tryna draw more. i like it when they merge.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e