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gonna do the whole lake (May 2023)

sometimes you claim your gonna do the whole lake on a sunny sunday. sometimes the hang is too good to keep pedaling. thats good enough for me.

honeystingers and fckd racing saddles to go road mode. the vibe for a lake lap.

sometimes you race to your homies backyard to warm up the leggies with a soccer ball.

the face of a greenbelt single track enjoyer.

the south side of the lake washington loop is always a joy.

the yin and yang of the ride: hot hot denim and fast fast shorts. who will get to their beer the quickest?

quick stop under the freeway to recharge. the stingers still have us convinced we will do the whole lake.

when your thirty, there are two paths. 1. Spending your sunday at the playground with your snot covered child. or 2. spending your sunday with your boys drinking beer in the ditch next to the playground.

the stingers wearing off and the beers kickin in.

sometimes you head out the door to do the whole lake. sometimes you just wanna hang with the homies and drink beer next to your bike. no problem with that.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e