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snoqualmie forest 40 (june 2023)

graham scoured ridewithgps and found us a route through the logging roads in fall city. turned out to be a bit more of a rough stuff adventure than we thought. more on that later... in other news, i ivested in a sony a6000 to take on my upcoming france trip. started testing it on this ride. gonna take a lil adjustment period.

this photo has really nothing to do with this ride. its an old corned beef spot thats right by the entry to the 5 in denny triangle. i've been wanting to go get a proper photo of it for a while, but i had my new camera with me and casually shot it from the driver seat. maybe i'll make it back with my film camera before i head off to france (update - i ran outta time). can't expect this lil guys to survive long with the behemoths spouting up around them.

another happy accident - graham and i spotted jaytee on the i90 bridgeas as we headed to fall city. we lost him to mountain biking that day. hope you had a good ass time buddy!

we set out to start riding but i was reminded of some pesky chain and derailleur rubbing. we found these horse hitch things to perform some impromptu maintenance. but also photos.

off we went passing the first of many road closed signs

ok guys, learn from our mistake. once you get to gate 9 hop over the barrier and ride up that road. do not continue down the other path. its fucked. you can click the photo above to see our adventure through the bog, but if you're just tryna have a chill gravel day, just take gate 9.

your are gonna see this sign. you are gonna have some trepidation about continuing on. just continue on. its a bunch of friggin malarkey. these are state owned forests leased by loggers and they just don't wanna deal with bicyclist while they are runnin their privately owned trucks through public land. if you really wanna be a goody two shoes you can go ahead and pay the board of deforesters their permit fees.

onto the gate 8 once you are a bit deeper in all of a sudden bikes are ok...

graham revin up to rip it around.

not another soul back here besides what may have been a lil mountain quail. but who knows, im no friggin birder.

there's plenty to explore back here and lookin forward to continue to. best part is jumpin in the river at fall city to end the ride. next time im also makin a stop at one of those divey bars after the dip.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e