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eastbound and down - january 2024

i've been itching to get a century under my belt. i've been casually warming up to one, but have been laying in wait during these wet winter days. i saw an opening for a clear sky on one of my days off and went for it. the google maps embedded was the planned route, while the strava is what actually played out that day. a few on the fly alterations, goof ups, and obstacles make for a slightly different route.

kaylie joined me for the first 30 miles within city limits. we went from cap hill to the ballard locks, through the downtown waterfront, and out to ampersand in west seattle. it was a nice warm up to get some miles under the belt without much of an elevation beating on the legs. plus ampersand has some delicious breakfast sando treats waiting for you. their espresso is pretty smooth too.

after parting ways with kaylie at jefferson park i made my way to the cedar river trail via the lake washington loop. about a week before this ride i got ahold of an old velo orange grand cru randonneur bag off craigslist. the lid orientation was conducive to grabbing and eating my snacks on the go, but left me looking like a suckling cycle piggy as a chomped on my apple climbing a hill with both hands on the bars.

my days off are on the weekdays lately, leaving the shoulder of fast paced roads less sketchy than when i would normally ride them. this didn't leave me free from having to be agressive with the cars on a narrow downhill bridge or catching glimpse of a car in a ditch.

when making this route, i knew i wanted to make my issaquah food destination xochi tacos. its right on my path, and the tacos are so friggin good. alas, i was not fast enough and barely missed last call. luckily laz's is in the same lot and does it well. the itch was scratched and i was off to the sammimish river trail.

embracing the darkness comes with winter riding and long distances. the dynamo lighting and reflective tape on the fenders come in handy here.

two obstacles were thrown my way on what was to be the victory lap of the 520 ride. a heavy duty staple ripped into my rear tire and the 520 bridge bike lane was closed for improvements. the tube fixed up fast, and i just added the two missed miles going the long way home from green lake and including a few extra blocks in the cd.

i hit the hundred mark a couple blocks from home and announced my milestone into the dark and vacant street as i carried my boozy prizes across the finish line. it wasnt until i uploaded the last photo onto my computer that i realized the hamm's can matches my bicycle.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e