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versaille (august 2023)

kaylie and i took a little day ride out to petite trianon in versaille. from where we have our homebase, about half the ride is just getting across paris. once we reached the national estate of saint-cloud, you feel thrown back a couple 100 years in time and everything slows down for the remainder of the ride. kaylie's never been out to petite trianon. we had been to the palace a week or two prior. we watched sofia coppola's marie antoinette a few nights before set out which got us hyped for the ride.

on the way to the train out of fontainebleau, my carradice bag was gettin a bit droopy and decided to invest in a new rear rack. the good folks at la chouette had a nitto one in stock and installed it within the hour. if your in town, go check em out! i'll need to get some panniers this fall.

entering saint cloud.

this is how i imagined i'd spend most my time here in france ( ˘▽˘)っ♨.

honestly, marie antoinette is kinda hard af for havin medusa engraved in her little court retreat.

brought some croissants back to st cloud to enjoy in the gardens on the return.

how kaylie's thinks i look at my hair. could you blame me though?

a little fuel back in the neighborhood. it was a sweet little ride and hope to do it again.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e