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olympic bridges overnighter august 2022

kelly, oli, kaylie and i went out to the shelton area and did a lil overnighter. kaylie found this one. good lil off road loop that we all managed to do on tires 35c and under. swam, ate some noodles, drank some booze by the fire, and slept in hammocks by a creek. good ol times.

the pre roof rack days. get a lil dirty assembling the bikes in the parking lot.

an rbt with a porteur rack and bag and a carradice bagsupport and bag. voile to hold down the sleeping bag. rolling on 35s. i think the only thing i didnt care for was the porteur bag setup. felt wonky and heavy up front. its since been sold!

wouldnt be washington without some rural diy shootin pits i guess...

got a swim in. had a boat roll up on us for some friendly chit chat. got some giggles as oli unsuccessfully tried to swim away before they could notice he was sportin the birthday suit.

all smiles on the trail.

the easy campgrounds were full, but we found a nice lil spot by a creek. if you got the strength, up the hill theres a horse campground that seems rarely used.

we were cruising down those hill bombs and rattling our bikes. Kelly luckily heard her fender getting loose and stopped before she lost her bolts! a lil roadside maintenance. she handled it.

some good climbs and bombs on the return. the air was misty and kept us cool.

pretty dang pleasant lil overnighter. trails were wide and the hills not too crazy; a nice lil intro to bicycle camping if you have the means to get there. we stopped in oly on the way back for a beer and some food.

c r a w d a d c o l l e c t i v e